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GEMS - Refund and Exchange Policy

Refund and Exchange Policy for silver jewellery

Gems does not offer a refund for silver jewellery. We provide exchanges for silver jewellery only if there is a manufacturing fault, such as a missing stone or a damaged product. If you encounter a manufacturing fault, please notify us within 24 hours, and we will replace your silver product with the same design, free from any faults within ten days.

Refund and Exchange Policy for diamond jewellery

We offer refunds only for diamond jewellery. You have the option to return it and receive a 70% refund of the original price within the initial year. After one year, diamond jewellery can still be returned with a 100% refund. Rest assured, we will ensure that the price charged is the same as the date of purchase.

Important Note

However, please keep in mind that any exchanges or refunds require the original receipt.